Rental management

OWNERS: Rental management is a complex business. You will no longer be alone in all the administrative procedures, which are often tedious for you.

I take care of all the administration to rent your property in compliance with the laws. Visits to the establishment of rental leases, I manage your property as a good father even if for the moment I am a mother ...
The tenants are chosen with seriousness and professionalism, I do my best to guarantee the contracts if necessary.
A problem in housing, Frantz moves and makes an effective diagnosis. We work hand in hand with knowledgeable and knowledgeable professionals who move as quickly as possible.
Our prices are justified and approved by all those who trust us
9% TTC calculated on the rent including charges, for the management of a housing,
8.5% TTC from 2 or more.
The rental fees are shared between landlords and tenants according to the latest obligations of the ALUR law of 23/08/2019
For more information, do not hesitate to contact me at 0640347848, I am Sylvie, at your service ...

TENANTS: The agency has developed a rental management portfolio that allows us to offer you quality housing.
To find out what properties are available, browse the site and do not hesitate to leave us a message.